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Wooyoung being a manly man for Sulli

 Since Wooyoung came to my Busan concert, I took a lot of pictures with me trying to be as pretty as I can! Kya-

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From Min’s Instagram (therealminnn).


120410 Wooyoung & Kwon’s tweets convo translations ^0^~

[120416] Wooyoung Twitter Update


[TRANS] : … I envy you

[T/N: Eunjung was tweeting abt her Europe trip, and then Wooyoung said,”I envy you,”]

cr; only-woo


KHUNWOO IS REAL banner in Korean Music Wave 2012 in Bangkok


i can’t believe that i didn’t know about this video before, i mean i know about this program and that woo was their dance instructor and watched it but through a different video (which focuses more on the dancing couple) but this focuses a lot on woo (and woo dancing nevertheless). sigh sometimes i don’t believe that i actually stan woo this hard and still miss important moments.  

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